Aster umbellatus - Flat-topped Aster, Parasol Whitetop

Flat-topped Aster, Parasol Whitetop

Aster umbellatus

Also called Umbellate Aster

  • AKA Doellingeria umbellata
  • Flat-topped cluster of small white flowers
  • Flowers appear earlier than most aster
  • Narrow leaves with distinctive veins
  • Leaves are smooth when rubbed one direction, and rough the other way
  • Bloom Time: Late July



100-175 cm

30-50 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Grows best in full to partial sun, in wet to moist conditions. Soil should consist of plenty of organic material to hold moisture. Drought conditions will cause this aster to go into early dormancy. Plant height and width vary depending on location and soil moisture. Naturally found in highly fertile, low-lying areas along streams, ponds and woodland edges.  

Additional Notes about Flat-topped Aster, Parasol Whitetop:

Native to Ontario