Ilex verticillata 'Golden Verboom' - Golden Verboom Winterberry

Golden Verboom Winterberry

Ilex verticillata 'Golden Verboom'

Also called Golden Verboom Black Alder

  • Male and female selections available
  • Flowers are white and inconspicuous
  • Large bright yellow berries persist into the winter
  • Dark green glossy leaves turn yellow in the fall
  • Suckering frequently, it produces an oval shrub
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer


White, Yellow

200-250 cm

175-200 cm

Currently Unavailable

Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Although winterberry will tolerate some shade, fruit production is best in sunny locations. Winterberry will tolerate a range of soil types and moistures. Ilex verticillata plants are dioecious (plants are either male or female). One male winterberry plant will effectively pollinate up to six female plants.

Additional Notes about Golden Verboom Winterberry:

This cultivar is a selection from Verboom Nursery in Holland.

Ilex berries can be harmful; they contain an alkaloid similar to caffeine.