Wansdyke Silver Cedar

Thuja occidentalis 'Wansdyke Silver'

Also called Wansdyke Silver Arborvitae

  • Upright evergreen conifer, with a rounded to pyramidal habit
  • Loose green foliage is splashed with a creamy-silver variegation
  • Use in small groupings or foundation plantings
  • Low tolerance of dry or drought conditions
  • Low tolerance for salt spray


200-250 cm

80-100 cm

Currently Unavailable
Substitutions Are Available

Growing and Maintenance Tips:

It benefits from a light pruning to achieve a more compact form. It is suited to small group plantings for foundation areas or contained within the landscape bed. Damage or stem breakage may occur in the winter from ice and snow accumulation. Protection (burlap wrap) from drying winter winds is recommended in an exposed location.

Additional Notes about Wansdyke Silver Cedar:

Deer find the soft evergreen foliage very attractive for winter food and will rapidly strip a plant.


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