Eupatorium fistulosum - Hollow Joe Pye Weed

Hollow Joe Pye Weed

Eupatorium fistulosum

Also called Joe Pye Weed

  • AKA Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus, Eutrochium fistulosum
  • Large rounded-topped clusters of pink or purplish-mauve flowers
  • Lance-shaped sharp-toothed dark green leaves on wine-coloured stems
  • Bloom Time: Late summer



150-200 cm

60-75 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Often late to emerge in the spring, they grow best in an average, medium to wet, well-drained soil, in full sun to partial shade. Very adaptable to most conditions and become drought-tolerant, once established. In full sun and extended dry periods leaves may scorch. Pinch back stems in June to encourage a more compact, bushy plant. If planted in deep shade, eupatorium will become leggy and may require support. The overall height and width of eupatorium can vary depending on its growing conditions. Spent flowers can be left for winter interest and food for birds.

Additional Notes about Hollow Joe Pye Weed:

Native to parts of North America.