Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - Bearberry - Photo courtesy of Sean James Consulting & Design


Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Also called Kinnikinick

  • AKA Arbutus uva-ursi
  • Other Common Names: Pine Mat, Mealberry, Hog Cranberry, Sandberry
  • Evergreen ground cover with small white, pink-edged bell-shaped flowers
  • Small berries appear in the fall and often last through the winter
  • Leaves turn greenish-bronze in the fall
  • Bearberry has peeling red bark for added interest
  • Very salt tolerant
  • Bloom Time: Spring


Pink, White

10-15 cm

100-150 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Bearberry is sometimes difficult to transplant and establish. It needs an acidic, sandy soil. Very little pruning is necessary, only when maintaining the plant along borders or edges. May develop winter burn on the leaves if under stress.

Additional Notes about Bearberry:

Native to Ontario