Achillea millefolium - Common Yarrow
Achillea millefolium - Common Yarrow

Common Yarrow

Achillea millefolium

Also called Nosebleed Plant

  • Flat-topped clusters of white flowers
  • Seeds ripen July to September
  • Foliage is mid-green and fine-textured
  • A native plant in most areas of North America
  • Bloom Time: June to August



45-60 cm

50-60 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Grows best in full sun, however, it can tolerate partial shade. This plant can spread quickly, either by its roots or more effectively by seed. Grows in many soil conditions, is suitable for hot, dry locations and tolerant of moist sites. Deadheading will promote new blooms and prevent excessive seeding. Generally disease and insect resistant. 

Additional Notes about Common Yarrow:

Native to Ontario

Achillea millefolium is brewed for teas to remedy colds and the flu. The name Achillea comes from Greek mythology and as legend has it, was used to treat war wounds during battle. The foliage can be crushed to help control bleeding in emergencies. Achillea millefolium is identified to have several medicinal benefits, but should be not be used in excess. Extended use can cause photosensitivity, and handling the plant can cause allergic reactions in some people.