Blue Wild Rye Grass

Elymus glaucus

  • Forms a slightly arching upright clump.
  • Coarse blue-green leaves are 1 cm wide at the base and grow to a narrow point
  • Flower spikes emerge green, changing to a light tan
  • Foliage and flowers dry and persist through the fall and winter
  • This native species is often confused with the aggressively invasive Elymus arenarius
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Flower Height: 150 cm
  • Foliage Height: 100 cm
  • Grass Type: Cool Season


100-150 cm

40-50 cm

Currently Unavailable
Substitutions Are Available

Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Grows best in a moist to dry soil, in full sun to partial shade and is a highly adaptable grass. Foliage can be left for winter interest, but prune (if desired) in early spring to make way for new growth. 

Additional Notes about Blue Wild Rye Grass:

Native to Ontario

Cool Season Grasses: These grasses do the majority of their growing in early spring and continue until temperatures start to cool in the fall. During the warmer summer months, they stop growing and some will even go dormant. Cool season grasses flower in the spring or early summer. Most cool season grasses grow best in a consistently moist soil.





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