Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense

Also called Canadian Ginger

  • Deep red to brown flowers
  • Flowers are hidden under velvety dark green heart-shaped foliage
  • Native to the Ontario woodlands
  • Bloom Time: Late spring



20-30 cm

30-50 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Shade-loving perennial, native to Ontario woodlands. Easy to grow ground cover spreading by rhizomes. Asarum can tolerate different amounts of moisture, from average to wet, but not prolonged wet. Grows best in a well-drained, acidic soil. No significant disease or pest issues. 


Additional Notes about Wild Ginger:

Native to Ontario

Asarum canadense should not be confused with the culinary ginger, Zingiber officinale, although Native Americans dried the roots as a ginger substitute.