Photo courtesy of Vanbelle
Photo Courtesy of Fernridge Landscaping

False Spirea

Sorbaria sorbifolia

Also called Ash Leaf Spirea

  • Tiny white flowers in dense terminal pyramidal panicles
  • Deep green foliage resembles that of a mountain ash
  • Erect multi-stemmed shrub invades rapidly by suckers and forming colonies
  • Bloom Time: Early summer



1-2 m

1-3 m

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

False spirea is best grown with average to medium moisture in an organically rich, well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade. Plants may be cut close to the ground to rejuvenate their growth by pruning them in late winter or early spring. 

Additional Notes about False Spirea:

Invasive species

Possible Alternatives: Rhus typhina, Rhus aromatica, Physocarpos opulifolius.

Characteristics & Attributes