Acer palmatum 'Higasayama' - Higasayama Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum 'Higasayama' - Higasayama Japanese Maple

Higasayama Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Higasayama'

Also called Popcorn Maple

  • AKA Acer palmatum 'Higasa yama'
  • Slow-growing
  • Twiggy stems bear tiny crinkled or curled variegated leaves
  • Buds open to pale cream tightly curled leaflets
  • Young green leaves have white markings edged in pink
  • The second flush of growth reveals small, typical, palmate leaves
  • Fall colour is a mixture of orange, dark yellow or red


5-8 m

5-6 m

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

A showy specimen for the discerning gardener. Best planted in a well-drained soil with high organic matter. Japanese maples are grown as specimen trees or multi-stemmed plants. Any pruning should be done in summer. Mulch well, but avoid heaping mulch against the stem. Most cultivars need full sun or light afternoon shade. 

Characteristics & Attributes