Vine Maple

Acer circinatum

  • Dense, rounded to vase-shaped form with irregular branching
  • White flowers emerge before the leaves
  • Red two-winged samaras turn brown before dropping in the summer
  • Nearly round leaves have seven to nine triangular lobes
  • Bright green foliage turns red or yellow in late summer to early fall
  • An ideal tree for planting near streams or wet areas
  • Bloom Time: Spring



12-15 m

9-12 m

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Vine maple can be grown as a tree or multi-stemmed clump. It grows well in shaded areas where the soil is moist and rich in nitrogen.     

Additional Notes about Vine Maple:

This species can reroot where the branches touch the soil. In some cases, colonies of vine maple grow into thick tangles; trappers referred to the vine as “devil wood.”

Native to the west coast of Canada and the U.S.