Abies concolor 'Candicans' - Candicans White Fir
Abies concolor 'Candicans' - Candicans White Fir

Candicans White Fir

Abies concolor 'Candicans'

  • A large conical specimen with a stately appearance
  • Large bright silvery-blue blunt needles
  • Cones are 20-25 cm in length and green with a purplish hue
  • Cones appear on younger branches of older specimens
  • Purple cones grow upright and disintegrate while still on the plant
  • Use as stand-alone specimen or in groupings of three or five in a larger landscape


10-11 m

2-3 m

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Grows best in an acidic, well-drained, moist to damp soil. Avoid planting in heavy clay, in areas with poor drainage or those within reach of salt spray. Once established, silver fir can tolerate significant drought.

Additional Notes about Candicans White Fir:

As with most fir, cones are held erect on upper branches and disintegrate without falling.