Paeonia 'Athens' - Athens Patio Peony


Paeonia Patio 'Athens'

  • Deep pink fragrant semi-double blooms with a yellow centre
  • Dark green compact foliage on very sturdy stems
  • A prolific bloomer, excellent for containers
  • A dwarf selection
  • Bloom Timte Late spring to early summer


Pink (deep)

75-80 cm

80-90 cm

Currently Unavailable

Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Peonies do not like to be moved once established and will live for many years in the right location. Fall is the ideal time to prune or plant your bush peony to prepare for spring flowering. Prune your peony back to 1 to 3 inches from the ground in the fall. Throughout the blooming season, remove spent blooms just below the base of the flower to prevent seed development. Patio peonies are very suitable for container growing and are less likely to flop during flowering. 

Additional Notes about Peony:

Paeonia flowers are described by one of the following:

  • Single: Whorl of 5-10 broad overlapping petals with a large central group of stamens.
  • Semi-double:  Like single peonies, but with 2-3 whorls of broad overlapping petals.
  • Double:  Large spherical flowers with narrow overlapping petals. Petals are often ruffled and fill the centre.
  • Japanese (Anemone Form):  Single or semi-double flowers with a crowded central group of petaloides (small petal-like structures).