Miscanthus x zumi 'Giganteus' - Giant Miscanthus - Photo courtesy of Sean James Consulting & Design
Miscanthus x zumi 'Giganteus' - Giant Miscanthus - Winter Colour - Photo courtesy of Sean James Consulting & Design

Giant Miscanthus

Miscanthus x 'Giganteus'

Also called Giant Chinese Silver Grass

  • AKA Miscanthus floridulus
  • As the name suggests, this is a very large, robust grass in both height and spread
  • Coarse green leaves are 90 cm long, gracefully arching on tall sturdy stalks
  • Foliage gets a slight purplish tinge in the fall, changing to tan for the winter
  • Bloom Time: August to November
  • Flower Type: Sterile feathery panicles, 50 cm long
  • Flower Colour: Silvery-white
  • Grass Type: Warm Season



200-300 cm

150-200 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

 Note: This grass may not flower in our region as it needs long, hot summers to produce abundant blooms. As a naturally-occurring cross between Miscanthus sinensis and Miscanthus sacchariflorus, the seeds of this cultivar are sterile, and it is propagated by rhizome.

Additional Notes about Giant Miscanthus:

Warm Season Grasses: These grasses are much slower starting in the spring. They do not push new growth until temperatures warm in early to midsummer. They flower later in the summer or fall with most blooms remaining into the winter. Most warm season grasses tolerate heat, humidity and drought; some even thrive in these conditions.