Buxus x 'Green Mound' - Green mound Boxwood from NVK Nurseries

Green Mound Boxwood

Buxus x 'Green Mound'

  • Insignificant green-yellow-cream Spring flowers are fragrant
  • Smooth-margined glossy deep-green leaves
  • Compact, rounded habit
  • Retains colour throughout the winter
  • Bloom Time: Early spring



80-100 cm

80-100 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Boxwoods can tolerate full sun to full shade, dry to drought conditions, and a range of soil types. They can be pruned any time of the year, and used for topiary, hedging, and stand-alone specimens. Young plants benefit from winter protection (burlap wrap) in an exposed location.

Additional Notes about Green Mound Boxwood:

Notable specimens can be found at The A.M. (Mac) Cuddy Garden, Strathroy, Ontario.