Ajuga reptans - Common Bugleweed

Common Bugleweed

Ajuga reptans

Also called Carpetweed

  • Dense deep green spinach-like glossy foliage
  • Spikes of blue-violet flowers
  • Evergreen foliage
  • Attracts bumblebees
  • Good plant for stabilizing soil on slopes
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Flower Size: 5-10 cm



10-15 cm

30-40 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Slow to medium spreading ground cover that grows best in a fairly moist soil. Dense foliage is good for choking out weeds, however, it can be invasive. Will grow in partial to full shade, and with adequate moisture will tolerate some sun. To rejuvenate plant growth, mow (on a high setting) after blooming. Divide every two to three years to prevent centre dieback.

Additional Notes about Common Bugleweed:

Invasive species.

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