Aconitum x cammarum 'Bicolor' - Monkshood


Aconitum x cammarum 'Bicolor'

  • Tall spikes of flowers are violet-blue and white in combination
  • Glossy deeply-lobed dark green leaves
  • Makes an excellent cut flower
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
  • Bloom Time: Mid to late summer


Violet, Bicoloured

90-125 cm

45-60 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Grows well in full sun but requires sufficient water. Aconitums grow best where shade is provided in the hot hours of the afternoon. Aconitums grow relatively slow and won't need to be divided regularly. They are very resistant to pests and diseases. Beware of handling this plant as all parts are highly poisonous. 

Additional Notes about Monkshood:

The upper sepal of the flower bears a striking resemblance to the cloth hood worn by a medieval monk, thus the common name "Monkshood".