Tulip 'Big Smile' - Tulip from NVK Nurseries. Photo from Florissa


Tulip 'Big Smile'

  • Flower Color: Yellow
  • Early Spring Flower Color
  • Late Blooming


50 cm

10-15 cm

Currently Unavailable

Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Tulips prefer Full sun or partial sun (afternoon sun). Tulips do not like to be in saturated soils that stay wet because they will rot. (ie Clay). Tulips begin emerging in late winter early spring as green leaves and burst into color shorlty after depending on how the soil temperatures are. Tulips should be planted in autumn from end of August-october as they should be in the ground before it freezes for best plants. Tulips should be planted roughly 8" inches deep or 3x the height of the bulb, for best results try to loosen ground around the bulb so that it can freely push through surface in the spring and not be compacted.  Bulbs generally should be planted 4-6" apart and will need some water to get going. 

Additional Notes about Tulip:

Originally native to central Asia and Southern Europe,  tulips have been bred into thousands of varieties. Tulips can come in all sorts of colors and bicolors except blue. The Netherlands (Holland) is still the Tulip Capital of the world. 

Characteristics & Attributes