Talinum calycinum - Fame Flower

Fame Flower

Talinum calycinum

Also called Large-Flowered Rock Pink

  • AKA Phemeranthus calycinus
  • Individual plants quickly form large colonies
  • Magenta-pink saucer-like flowers with contrasting yellow stamens
  • Flowers open on sunny days by noon and close mid-afternoon
  • Each flower lasts one day
  • Succulent linear bright green leaves
  • Foliage turns bright pink in cooler temperatures
  • Drought-tolerant perennial
  • Bloom Time: Summer


Pink (deep)

15-25 cm

20-30 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Plant in an average to dry, extremely well-drained, gravelly or sandy soil, in full sun. May not be reliable in Ontario winters, but self-seeds freely and can establish itself the next year.