Creeping Lamium

Lamium maculatum 'Ghost'

  • Clusters of deep magenta-purple, hooded flowers
  • Silver coloured, serrated leaves with a darker green veining
  • Leaves are twice the size of the species
  • Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer


Purple (deep)

25-30 cm

45-60 cm

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Best grown in an average to moist, well-drained soil, in partial shade to full shade. Vigorous grower and very tolerant of dry, shady locations. Can fill in a large space in a short time, is manageable and not necessarily invasive. Hot, humid summers can cause foliage decline. If foliage becomes leggy or unruly, you can prune or mow down to promote a more compact, tidy habit. Pruning will also promote new blooms, forming sporadically throughout the summer and into the fall. Plant in combination with spring bulbs.