Royal Dutch Hoe

  • Width of Head: 12.5cm (6cm for Hand Hoe)
  • Length of Head: 12cm (17cm for Hand Hoe)
  • Length of Handle: 145cm (14cm for Hand Hoe)
  • Weight: 0.95kg (0.17kg for Hand Hoe)
  • Function: Weeding
  • Material of Handle: Ash

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Additional Details:

The Royal Dutch Hoe is designed for you to work and walk backwards which leaves a fine tilth without footprints and reduces the chance of replanting weeds with your feet. No backache due to the length of the handle and no need to bend. The sharp points enable precision removal of weeds when they are close to other plants. The hook on the reverse side of the blade will eliminate the weeds on the "pull" stroke. Larger weeds can be easily pulled back so they can be picked up.

The Royal Dutch Hand Hoe can be used with great success in raised beds, square foot planting, balcony and patio growing, heavily planted or mature herbaceous boarders, permanent container pots, and window boxes.