Great Dixter Tickling Fork

  • Wdith of head: 13cm 
  • Length of handle: 125cm
  • Length of Spikes: 14.5cm
  • Weight: 1.10 kg
  • Function of tool: Cultivating, Digging, Weeding

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Additional Details:

The Great Dixter fork from Sneeboer was designed by Christopher Lloyd, the famous British gardening author who lived at an estate in East Sussex known as The Great Dixter.

In a cottage garden where borders are packed with plants and self-sowers are essential, it is difficult to get into the tight spaces between plants to weed, and work the soil.

This long handled fork enables you to do this without crouching or bending your back, allowing you to tip toe through the border and reach into difficult spaces.

The narrow head and flat tines makes it possible to incorporate compost between plants minimizing damage and encouraging self-sowers (mulching would prevent this). Using a hoe smears the soil and simply doesn’t get deep enough. An essential tool for borders packed with plants.