Clematis 'Odoriba' - Clematis


Clematis 'Odoriba'

  • Flower Colour: Rose-pink with a white central bar
  • Flower Size: 5 cm
  • Bloom Time: All summer
  • Pruning Group: 3
  • Group: Viticella
  • Nodding bell-shaped flowers with greenish-yellow stamens
  • Leaves are mid-green, 12.5 cm long, with three ovate leaflets
  • Unique feathery seed pods remain throughout the winter



2-3 m

2-3 m

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Growing and Maintenance Tips:

Clematis grow best in a rich, moist to average, well-drained soil, in full sun. Protection from intense afternoon sun is beneficial. Large-flowering bi-colours, reds and blues, may fade quickly if planted in direct sun. Roots need a cool environment to thrive; it is recommended to  plant a ground cover or shallow-rooted perennial to shade the roots; mulching is suggested. Plant the crown 3-5 cm below the soil's surface. Clematis are slow to establish and initially need to be tied to a trellis or fence to begin climbing.

Additional Notes about Clematis:

Clematis are grouped into three different categories for pruning and maintenance:

Group 3: Late Flowering - Flowers form on the terminal 60-90 cm of the current season's growth. Some bloom as early as midsummer and continue into the fall. In early spring, prune each stem, leaving the lowest 2-3 buds. The new growth can be tipped back when it reaches about 30 cm, to induce better branching and flowering.


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