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Sempergreen® Vegetation Mats

Vegetation blanket

Our Sempergreen® vegetation blankets instantly provide mature roof and ground covering. At least 95% of the vegetation planted in our carefully cultivated blankets is already thriving upon delivery, allowing you to enjoy the immediate effect of a green and sustainable result.

On every roof and as ground covering

Our vegetation blankets can be installed on any type of roof. Whether flat or (steeply) sloped, Sempergreen ® has the perfect solution. In addition, Sempergreen® vegetation blankets are used more and more often as instant ground covering for roundabouts, central reservations and roof terraces. Low maintenance combined with simple installation procedures guarantee success!

Planted with Sedum

Sempergreen® vegetation blankets are biodegradable. The popular Sedum vegetation blankets are planted with ten to twelve different species of Sedum. The plants grow on a coconut fibre carrier and a special substrate developed by Sempergreen®. Sedums can store water in its leaves and is therefore able to endure varying weather conditions.

A special blanket for each climate

Sedums do not all grow equally well in all environments. This is due to differences in climate. Drought and temperature fluctuations have a significant effect on plants. Sempergreen® has compiled a special mix of Sedums to suit every particular climate. So please always state the location of your project in your request, to ensure that your vegetation blankets produce the very best result!

Other carriers

Besides the vegetation blankets cultivated on coconut fibre, Sempergreen® also grows vegetation blankets on other carriers, including our type T (coconut fibre with an additional reinforcing mesh for highly pitched roofs) and our type TD (extra thick vegetation mat).


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