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NVK COVID-19 Action Plans

The spring of 2020 may be the most memorable spring that all of us will have. The global crisis has put a lot of stress on us as humans and the impact on our businesses is unclear. The NVK team has rallied around each other to accomplish incredible things these past weeks. Our desire is to be prepared and strong for ourselves and our customers.

 Not only has our team created new policies and implemented action in record breaking time but we also had to communicate these policies to many different team members, find ways to address concerns and make sure everyone was following them. These things normally take weeks or months to accomplish! It is impressive what we can do in times of need and we are blessed to have such a great team. We would like to share our experiences and protocols with you as you're involved in revising and making your own. it is important that you read our action plans before you purchase or visit us. 

This month, we all pushed ourselves in areas we never imagined,  stressed about things we never knew were concerns and found gifts in ourselves we never knew existed. For all of us it’s been overwhelming, the concerns will continue for a little longer but our gifts will last a lifetime. We are open for business and we’re here to support the businesses around us. 

The NVK Family